About us

Sonya Brown… our story

Sonya, its founder, began her career in finance but,not long after having her daughter, she realised her destiny was in design and textiles and so embarked on an exciting new journey.

From an early age, she had been fascinated by embroidery, knitting and sewing and, deep in herself, she knew that one day she would be involved in the exciting, dynamic world of home furnishing.

So she made the brave decision to open her first curtains and blinds shop, in Hampstead NW3. 15 years later, with two shops and a workroom all based in London, she hasn’t looked back.

Sonya’s latest venture, Sonya Brown, is a striking and extensive range of voile fabrics and complementary heavier fabrics, which gives her the opportunity to create bespoke designs and achieve what she likes the best: warm, welcoming homes full of atmosphere, light and colour